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 Add URL to Google

Add your URL to Google. Google search engine USA claims to have 8 billion pages indexed. Over 200 million searches per day are made through Google. 

It bears the weight of search engine traffic and performs the most searches daily.

It has been said that search engines drive 50 to 80 percent of website traffic. And Google alone is responsible for 60% of the total traffic nationally and over 75% of the traffic internationally.

For your site to be elevated and rank high in the search engines, your site pages must get into the Google search engine index. A long term approach to SEO or Search Engine Optimization work is needed.   

You can expect to see some of your website pages listed within 2-4 weeks, and an additional 4-6 months for other keyword phrases and website pages.


 How to make your website appear in a search

How to make your website appear in a search. has grown in market share and is also important for increased on-line traffic.

 Back links, anchor links, text links, and links from other authority and local websites are important for increased online traffic.

News releases, blogs, social media, articles, are all means of reaching better rankings on search engines for your website pages.

Facebook, twitter, merchant circle and other social media help with rankings, however some are labor intensive and not appropriate for every business.

E-commerce products can be optimized for better rankings with creative product descriptions, titles, and tags.

An online marketing plan helps you reach better rankings for your website and will result more traffic sales.

Organic listings take time so call today so you are ready for the summer and next holiday seasons buying times.

 Link Building, back links, internal links

Text links and embedded links- display direct link in your website page.

Site maps point to each page of the website and allow the search engine spiders and robots to crawl the site efficiently and index your pages.

High quality link development results from these 3 points.

1. Who is your audience and what sites do they visit? 

2. Buy links if you draw customers from those links.

3. Link to sites you want your customers to know about.

Your link popularity is measured by the number and quality of Web sites linking to your individual website pages.  Achieved with display direct links, anchor links, text links and listings on directories and ads.

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