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Posted On: Oct 15 2010 by Marcia Williams

It's not too late to gear up for the holidays online.  Are your pages visible and accessible for search engines and visitors?  Are you offering what searchers are looking for? Why aren't you getting the traffic you used to on your website?

Website maintenance is a year long task for website owners and most put it off until the last minute.  If your website isn't working like it should, take the time to explore why.

Keyword search phrases help determine how you are found on the internet.  Are you attracting visitors by telling them what products you have by using effective keyword phrases.

Perhaps you've changed your website, removed products, changed your usual website presence in some way so that now you need to direct those customers back to you.

M Williams Marketing will help you figure out what to do to drive customers to your website and work with you to design an online marketing presence that works.


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Internet Holiday SEO, internet marketing