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Need increased on line traffic? New to internet marketing?  

If you aren't drawing the traffic you need for sales- your website probably needs keywords.

What are keywords or keyword phrases? They are what your potential customers are searching for. 

The bears above may search for "moths" since that is a popular bear food.  There may be hundreds of bears searching for "moths" this time of year! 

To narrow the field, these bears may search for "moths Shoshone Forest".  If their competitors aren't searching for the same phrase, chances are the bears won't have much competition.

Keyword research and analysis identify keywords and phrases that don't have a lot of competition and allow for your website pages to grab attention on the internet. 

Your website needs keywords that are effective for increased on line traffic.

M Williams Marketing is an internet marketing company in Cody, Wyoming, and we can help you select keyword phrases that will draw more targeted customers to your website.

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